Type campagne

Pizza flavored gin… yuck!




Pizza chain Mamma Roma has restaurants on centrally located squares in Brussels (Place Sainte-Catherine) and Ghent (Korenmarkt), crucial prime locations for sales. But how do you keep traffic high during the holidays, when a Christmas market pops up in front of your door? Because the last thing visitors to a Christmas market think about is pizza…

One of the most purchased products at a Christmas market is ‘jenever’, a type of gin you drink as a shot. In addition to the traditional young and old jenever, there are different flavors from cactus and passion fruit to candy and chocolate milk. That's why we decided to grab the attention with a truly innovative flavor: pizza. Together with Sterkstokers we developed our own pizza jenever with distillates of fresh tomato, basil, wild garlic, oregano, rosemary, bell pepper and olive oil. We then sold it exclusively at Mamma Roma.