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Succeed in failing to get a discount.



Insurance is not exactly the favorite subject of young people. However, insurance is indispensable. Especially for young people who do many things for the first time in their lives: driving, travelling, renting, cooking, the laundry, … That is why Ethias launched the platform #failbetter, because failure is also valuable. They encourage young people to take new steps in life. A beautiful message, but how do you reach young people who rarely watch or listen to traditional media?

We also had Ethias do something for the first time: a gaming campaign. In computer games you often try to get achievements and badges. These digital medals show how good you are at a game. However, many games often have funny versions among these achievements that reward you for your failure. Died 100 times? Congratulations! Eaten by a shark? Nice. Accidentally killed your friend? gg. Together with well-known gaming streamers on Twitch, we challenged gamers to aim for these achievements. If you succeed in failing, you can get a € 59.99 discount on your insurance with a simple screenshot. #FailLikeAPro